Earthquake Museum

The Earthquake Museum is 11,500 Sq. mts and is divided into seven blocks named Rebirth, Rediscover, Restore, Rebuild, Rethink, Relive and Renew each representing a different aspect of what the museum stands for. From the earth’s evolution to Gujarat’s topography and its vulnerabilities to various natural occurrences and the aftermath of 2001 Kutch Earthquake. From Gujarat’s saga of rebuilding and success stories to finally paying digital homage to all the victims. All experienced through artifacts, images, art, and virtual stimulations, among others



Through a 360-degree immersive theatre to showcase the ever-changing and transforming landscapes. Visitors also get a glimpse of prosperous ancient human civilizations in the Kutch region, ancient trade routes of Gujarat, and the tale of its advancement and resilience.



We experience the resilient nature of Kutch, the innovative spirit of Gujarat’s people, and the reasons for the multiple natural occurrences in Gujarat. Through a large-scale part model of Allah Bund with projection on floor emphasizing the scale of changes that a natural occurrence can create. Via interactive models and immersive films, see the vulnerabilities, remarkable adaptations, and resilient responses of the people of a region with erratic environment.



People from all walks of life were affected by the earthquake, here we recount the tragic events of the 2001 Bhuj earthquake. An Actual size sectional bus with film projection to acquaint the visitors with the immediate measures taken by the government of Gujarat. Hologram theatre showcasing all the help that came in from all over the world and the undying efforts of rescue teams to save life.



This block gives us a comprehensive understanding of the collective process of rebuilding, reconstructing and reviving Gujarat for long-term disaster mitigation. A table projection multimedia show recreating and narrating the scenario that led to the formation of GSDMA and the immediate actions undertaken It also presents the immediate rescue and relief activities that followed and showcases the collective effort channelized towards rebuilding Gujarat in the aftermath of the 2001 earthquake.



The Rethink Block imparts us with the knowledge of global disaster response, and preparedness measures through games and interactive activities. The emotional and psychosocial ramifications of post-disaster management are documented here through interviews and first-person experiences.



Experience the tremors that people felt in the 2001 Earthquake in a realistic manner. This block also houses the tree of Smritivan, present inside an infinity room, where you can add paper-made petals to the branches as messages. The tree is enclosed in an infinite space formed with specialized mirrors automated lighting forming a forest using a single element.



Visitors can light up a digital flame through touch panels which will travel through digital LED walls up to the ceiling and form one united light. It is the highest number of optical fibre sensor-based lighting that has ever been placed in a single location in India. Light which will be projected as a beam of light in the outdoor of the museum and be visible across Bhuj as a homage. A Breath-taking sight to behold!

Inauguration Day

The state-of-the-art memorial and museum were inaugurated on 28 August 2022 by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The memorial carries names of the people, who lost their lives during the earthquake. While paying tribute to the lost lives it also celebrates the resilience and perseverance of the people of Kutch.