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The Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, inaugurated Smritivan, a memorial park and an explorative museum, on August 28, 2022. This project extends homage to the almost 13,000 victims of the massive Gujarat earthquake of 2001. Located a top Bhujia Hill in the State of Gujarat, the memorial spans an impressive 170 acres on the historically significant Bhujiyo Dungar.

Message From Hon’ble Prime Minister
Shri Narendra Modi


Today I am full of myriad emotions. The inauguration of the Smritivan Memorial at Bhujiyo Dungar, is a symbol of the shared agony of the entire country. It not only reminds us of the sweat and hard work put in its construction, but also of the tears shed by many families.

Smritivan is a reflection of what Kutch had suffered two decades ago and the courage shown by Kutch after that. We have an imagination as mentioned in the saying "Vayam Amritasya Putra"; there is the mantra of “Charaivati-Charaivati" as a source of our inspiration. Similarly this memorial is also inspired by the eternal spirit of moving forward.

After seeing the Smritivan today, I want to say with great humility to the countrymen that our Smritivan is not even a step behind in comparison to the best monuments like these in the world. It provides complete information on nature, earth and life.

I would like to urge the people of Kutch that whenever any guest visits the place, you should not let them go without bringing them to the Smritivan. I would also like to urge the education department of Kutch to ensure that the school children are brought here whenever an educational trip is organised for them so that they get to know the behaviour of the earth and nature.

Smritivan is an important place of attraction for the world. The responsibility of handling it rests with Kutch i.e. with my brothers and sisters. There should not be a single corner without a dense forest. We have to make this Bhujiyo Dungar green.

Friends, you cannot even imagine that this Smritivan is even more powerful than the Rannotsav of Kutch. Do not miss this opportunity, brothers! I have a lot of dreams associated with this work. I have done this with a great determination, and I want your lively participation in it as well. Continuous cooperation is needed. I need your support to ensure that the name of Bhujiyo Dungar echoes in the world.

Thanks a lot!

Jai Hind!


Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India


Smritivan Memorial Open daily from 5am to 11pm

Smritivan Earthquake Museum Tue - Fri from 10am to 6pm Sat - Sun from 10am to 8pm

Monday Closed

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Testimonials from around the world

Amazing experience here I enjoyed so much! I love how you managed to combine lessons from the past, current & future technology I hope the people of Gujarat will be forever safe & resilient.
Let's keep preparedness, Disiminate our experiences for reducing future's damage all over the world. DRR for future generations & Build Back Better.
State of the art museum that helps to keep memory and improve understanding of natural disasters. Let it helps future generations to avoid consequences of disasters.
V. Evseev
EMERCOM of Russia
This was a very memorable experience. I have really learnt a lot in terms of preparing for any eventuality. I would really love to get to learn from the DMA on enhancing capacity building initiatives!!!
South Africa
Japan and India we share disaster experiences, continue to work together for disaster risk reduction.
Thank you very much for giving us so much insight in your history and showing so many different aspects of this. We enjoy being in India and visiting such beautiful places like this museum, Best Wishes
Anton & Katrine
Learn from the past, rejoice in our successes and work together for a better future for all. Anything is possible. CANADA Stand together + Stand Tall.
Taco caboffice
Thank you very much for giving us so much insight in your history and showing so many different aspects of this. We enjoy being in India and visiting such beautiful places like this museum.
Anton & Katrine
Learn from the past, rejoice in our successes and work together for a better future for all. Anything is possible.
G20 Visitor
It was great visiting the engineer marvel of Bhuj. Smritivan brings out the massive destruction faced by the people and the resoluteness with which entire team helped each other in overcoming the catastrophy. My salute to the people of Kutch for standing together, helping each other and building back the memories and traditions. All the very best stay happy and blessed. My special compliments to entire team of Smritivan for beautifully showcasing the entire events for the present generation. We need to take moments ahead and build further. God save all of us Stay Blessed. JAI HIND..
Colonel. Vipin Chauhan, Ayansh Chauhan ,Ashvi Chauhan and Aparur Chauhan
Brilliant effort & shows spirit of people of Gujarat. Resilience & "Build Back Better" is the key message… Best wishes for future!!
Dr. Raditya Jati
Deputy Minister of System & Strategy
Heartbreaking to see how the 2001 earthquake affected Gujarat & it's people. I hope people who were affected & lost their loved once are living the good memories that they have of their loved one. Whishing them all the best. Loads of love.
Ajita Thaosen
President CWA .
Excellent and wonderful salute to the Govt & all stakeholders who helped on rebuilt Bhuj. Wonderful them before and after.
Murli Dhar Mishra
Director, DCMS
Hope lies eternal in the human breast wrote Alexander Hope where there is hope, there is life, there is very being. Humans cannot be beaten. We will rise from the ashes like phoenix JAI HIND.
Dr. D.V Guruprasad
Retd. DG of Poha and Author.
This is a great facility, very educative. Will make us all aware of the importance of nature.
Shaktikanta Das
Governer Of RBI